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glass, jar, isolated

During the year, write down short funny stories, events, achievements, and even sad times and place in a jar that’s close by to relive on 12/31. Don’t share or show anyone until 12/31.

mother helping her daughter use a laptop

Keep in mind, parents have just as much to learn from children as they do from us.

father teaching his son how to ride a bike

I often wonder how much of my parenting is “lucky” parenting versus “intentional” parenting.

landscape photography of snow pathway between trees during winter

Use a backpack leaf blower as a snow blower. It works great with light snow. Best to wait until it’s not snowing at the time.

crop sad ethnic man leaning with hand on fence

Showing vulnerability shows courage and allows people into your life.

pancake with sliced strawberry

Be intentional-have a special breakfast, lunch or dinner with your son or daughter or both

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  1. Just talked to 41 year old son, Jacob in Vermont about some changes to the family home here. We have lived here over thirty years and need some updates and changes. He has taken over more of the repsonsibility of this old house and has better understanding and more energy and knowledge than we do. I struggle to just to keep up light bulb changing and sweeping. Jake can move walls and doors. I just give over to him and let the child parent the dad.

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